All India Railway Engineers Federation (AIREF)

(An apex body of Railway Engineer's representing Zonal Railway Engineers Associations)

Khanna Committee - Report’s Abstract

Supervisors (Subordinate Engineers) are the cutting edge of management; they should be debarred from joining labour union – Khanna Committee. 

K N WANCHOO COMMITTEE - Report’s Abstract

  “Practically all the railways drew pointed attention to the fact that senior subordinate engineers today have inadequate scale of pay and poor prospects of promotions and advocated revision of their pay scales & a review of the not commensurate with their workload and responsibilities and want of adequate channel of promotion there is great stagnation.

    We are entirely in agreement with Railway administration that to strengthen the measure and Quality of Senior Subordinate Engineers over the working of staff, it is essential that the position and authority of Senior Subordinate Engineers should be restored. We have already recommended that the Senior Subordinate Engineers should be recognized as junior Members of Management and that their organization in separate association should be fostered. 

   To improve status of Senior Subordinate Engineers, to impart them greater self confidence and to broaden channel of promotion, we consider that wherever, there is a large concentration to the staff working under a Senior Subordinate Engineers, the post should be upgraded to gazatted status class II.”


Samman - Swabhiman Dharna / Rally held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 17-10-2011.